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Feng Shui for the holidays

by: Debra Ford

Feng Shui Zone  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

Make your holidays a time for reflection, not a time to be stressed. Following the principles of Feng Shui, can help relieve the anxiety of gift giving and decorating.

A Feng Shui holiday is one that is calm, relaxed and happy; a holiday time that is not overwhelming or stressful. The December holiday season brings so many unnecessary stresses to our lives and it seems ironic that at a time when we should be relaxing and enjoying ourselves, spending time with those we love, exactly the opposite is happening.

Remember that the holidays are about positive energy and that represents something different for each person. The ‘Norman Rockwell' type scene shown on TV with the perfect three generations of family sitting down to a gourmet meal is not the ideal that we all need to strive for. Don't add this stress to your life. The holidays are a time for introspection, for thinking about ways to add positive energy to our lives - they are not a time for striving for a TV-created ideal that probably doesn't exist anyway. Don't waste energy on wishing for things that may not be important to your life's journey. The holidays are a time for being grateful - think about what it is you are thankful for and focus on that.

A Feng Shui teaching is that you will get back from the Universe what you give. To attract good energy into your life, you need to give good energy to the world. One of the easiest ways to attract good energy is to volunteer or donate. Why not support a favourite charity rather than giving family members gifts that they really don't want (they only become clutter)? Why not limit Christmas gifts this year and use the funds to make someone needier feel that they are cared for? Not only will you be spreading love and positive energy, you will be attracting good energy and positive events into your life. Instead of hostess gifts and gift exchanges, make donations to a chosen charity.

How to decorate your home for the holidays using Feng Shui principles:

Before placing decorations, first remove all the items and knick knacks that you usually have in those spaces. Don't simply add more stuff (clutter) to your home.

Only put out those decorations that you LOVE. Don't feel the need to put up everything that you placed in your storage boxes last year - if you don't love it, recycle it, donate it or throw it away.

Use this opportunity to dust and clean the rooms to which you will be adding holiday decorations. Dirt and dust have negative energy that will slow down your life.

Add earth energy to your home to slow the energy down. Everything vibrates at its own energy - different colours have different energy vibrations; different elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) vibrate at different energies. When you add red or burgundy as you put out your Christmas decorations, you are adding busy, fast-vibrating fire energy, which could cause added stress and arguments in the home. When you add earth energy you will slow this energy down. Earth energy is represented by rocks, stones, pottery, bricks, anything made from soil.

Add water energy to your home. The colours of Christmas represent fire energy and in Feng Shui ‘water puts out fire', so when you add water energy you create balance in your home. Water energy is represented by glass, crystals, mirrors and water fountains. Consider hanging small Feng Shui crystals or round mirrors on the Christmas tree.

Get your indoor decorations up on the December 16 and put away on the 12th night, January 6.

Outdoor light attracts good energy into your yard and if you hang lights in the front yard you will add positive energy to your life. Placing lights along the back fence or back deck of your home will positively affect the energy of your future success and assist you in achieving your 2006 goals.

Outdoor lights will need to be put up before it's too cold, but only turn them on December 1. Leave them up to add energy to your yard during the dull, cold months of January and February.

Decorating in this way will ensure that physical energy is flowing smoothly; planning for a less stressful time will make sure that mental energy is calm; making "giving" a big part of your holidays will create positive spiritual energy; the formula for a great holiday season!

Debra Ford is the author of Calgary best seller "In the Feng Shui Zone" For more details visit www.fengshuizone.ca