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EFFICIENCY and THE REALTOR Technologically Speaking:

by: Marilyn Jones

Industry Perspective  |   Issue #2  |   November 25, 2005

How are REALTORS making the most of technology to provide more efficient customer service? How does this impact the consumer with this new technology? "Efficiency" seems to be the buzz word around the country these days. Whether it is energy efficiency, resource (use of water) efficiency, recycling efficiency; efficiency is taking many different forms. But how are REALTORS keeping up on the efficiency scale? Let’s take a look at the technology side that enables REALTORS to be more efficient.

Jeremy Conaway, a leading expert in the field of brokerage and association design as well as a real estate player for over 18 years, tells us that 2005 was the year that the Internet’s role in the real estate transaction finally came into focus.

Not only are real estate professionals using the Internet with more frequency, so are consumers.

What does this mean? Well for starters it means that more REALTORS and brokerages are using the Internet to generate leads and advertise their professional services. It also means that the REALTOR is often using technology that is web-based, in a bid to bring quicker and more efficient service to their client. Web-based technology is extremely useful for the REALTORS who are frequently working from the road, or from their car.

Behind the scenes, here is a look at some of the efficient technology the industry is using to better serve the consumer: Geo Jet is an excellent mapping system which saves time for the REALTOR as well as their clients when viewing homes. Telmatik is a fairly new communications technology system that enables the REALTOR the flexibility of making and tracking appointments on their listings. MLXchange is a real estate based system where the listings of all Calgary Real Estate Board REALTORS are made available to all of the 5000 members.

This system provides detailed information to the REALTOR on properties both listed and sold. MLS® or the Multiple Listing Service is an information-sharing and cooperative marketing network created by REALTORS for REALTORS.

Approximately 90% of all listings in Canada go through the MLS®, and every month an average of more than 2.3 million unique visitors view mls.ca. The Multiple Listing Service© or MLS© is a member based service that is paid for by the REALTOR members of local real estate boards (of which there are 114 in Canada). The www.mls.ca website is not to be mistaken with the MLS© system. This website, made available to the public by the REALTOR members, displays limited listing information associated with a property.

For all your real estate needs, contact a REALTOR-member of the Calgary Real Estate Board who has access to all of these tools and much more.